Rules & Ratings



  • We are not responsible for any accidents, theft, or damage to your property or person
  • If you exit the property you must pay again for re-entry
  • You’re not entitled to a refund, free-pass, or future discount in the event of cancellations due to weather.
  • Large vehicles must park in the designated area
  • No drugs, alcohol, or glass containers are allowed on the premises.
  • We do not allow outside food and drinks
  • You must obey the 5 mph speed limit for the safety of others
  • Please do not try to change parking spots after the movie has begun
  • We reserve the right to deny anyone service as well as have any persons in violation of the rules removed from the property.
  • We will always attempt to provide a link to the IMDB page of each movie we show. It is your responsibility to review ratings and decide if the movie is appropriate for your children.